We meet and celebrate this day with the joy and privilege of the sixth anniversary of the founding of the Nineveh Charitable Association, and we share this joy with each other and bless the efforts of all its members, donors and supporters who supported the association with their love and giving and provided assistance to the needy and sick throughout the past years, and thanks to them she was able to provide the best and she was good for them and they are known for their work and support the association In her journey, she saw them as true partners in achieving the successes that the association has reached, and we commend their efforts and their clear and effective role ...

The secret of our success was and still is due to our belief in volunteer work in order to serve our dear people

We were due to celebrate this joy of establishing the association in Armenia but it has been postponed due to the COVID-19 situation

Our association is a charitable and non-profit organization that was established in the Kingdom of Sweden and it has been in existence and started its work since 2011 and then it was officially and legally established in 2015 in the Kingdom of Sweden

It has branches in different countries, including Sweden branch 5 members, Norway 3 members, Chicago member 1, Australia member 1, Germany member 1, Iraq and north of it 7 members, and also our branches are located in Syria, Lebanon, Armenia and Russia

On the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the founding of the association, we cannot but congratulate you on this occasion, hoping for success and success in what you aspire to achieve and achieve to serve the children of our dear country and employ them towards achieving your desired goal for each endeavor or action that occurred during the course of the association. And with their wise management and neutrality for the stated goals and purpose of establishing this association, may God grant you success in all good, honest, and ambitious endeavors that serve the children of our dear people.

We will have an annual inventory for the year 2020 and the remainder of the amount will be distributed to the needy

Whoever wants to participate with us in the meeting, please write to us We are honored who wants to be with us